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Robert Striker

(1 review)
Lucky's Charm Tattoo INC.
Chesterton, IN

  • Cost: 350 USD
  • Time: 5 hours

Just, horrible! The guy is not an artist, he's a butcher, don't go to him, run the other way, karmas gonna come around, he tats in a dark dingy basement, his parents home, he lives in the basement, he works there, bc he's been fired from numerous shops, found all this out after the fact, I don't know how he lives with himself, knowing he's not capable of tatting, saying he can, and leaving a person scarred for life, Truly a deplorable person

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(1 review)

  • Cost: 2,410 USD
  • Time: 4 Sessions

Sam is an amazingly gifted artist. Yes, there are more amazingly gifted artists to choose from...however, he is also a genuine soul, who exhibited patience, care and professionalism. He has a high bar for his craft, yet, never loses sight of delivering what you want...two thumbs up!

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Mr. Tattoo

(1 review)
Old School Tattoo Co.
Sturgis, SD

  • Cost: 600 USD
  • Time: A little over 4 hrs

Got my 1st tattoo from Mr. Tattoo last year at Sturgis. Totally LOVED it had to come back aging to the Sturgis Bike Rally and had to have Mr. Tattoo give me another much larger one. He's so awesome. Didn't bleed, he has such a great professional attitude.

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Shannon Terry

(2 reviews)

  • Cost: 150 USD
  • Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Shannon Terry, owner of Unkut Productions, did an amazing job! He gave me a tattoo in a style that I wanted and he didn't try to push me in any other direction. He is the epitome of what a professional tattoo artist should be. STOP BY AND AT LEAST LOOK AT HIS PORTFOLIO. I HIGHLY recommend Shannon Terry at Unkut Productions for your next tattoo.

  • Cost: 600 USD
  • Time: 5 hours

I have had three tattoos done by Caleb and will never use anyone else. The facility is obviously clean and well maintained and they have never had a health code violation. The wait is worth it! I feel I can't stress this point enough. If an artist is booking 4+ months out, there is a reason for it. A lifetime piece of art is not something you want to rush or skimp on financially (though Caleb could get away with charging much more). Finally, Caleb is truly a master artist. He is brilliant at taking a concept and making it wearable art. I HIGHLY recommend being open to his suggestions and/or changes.

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Aaron Odell

(1 review)
Imperious Rex Tattoo
Citrus Heights, CA

  • Cost: 300 USD
  • Time: 3 hours total

Not only is Aaron quick and precise, he's a consummate professional and really great at communicating with his clients. He provided me "EXACTLY" what I asked for in the style I wanted and it's healed beautifully over time. I still get many many compliments. I've run out of his business cards to hand out. Looking forward to my next session :D Kimberly

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Legendary Tattoos
Tarpon Springs, FL

  • Cost: 250 USD
  • Time: 3 sessions and it is not finished. It is ruined

I just walked out of Legendary Tattoo. I am a concert pianist. I am on stage all year long. Claudia, the owner's mother tattooed my eye brows and she literally ruined my face. (See my picture.) She referred me to a tattoo removal artist and when I asked her how is she going to work out payment to remove it, she said to have the tattoo removal artist call her, meaning she would take care of it. I went. The fixing of my eye brows will cost me $750 and she finally confirmed she is not going to pay for nothing. I am texting and e-mailing the owner of Legendary Tattoo, Mitch, and he is ignoring my messages. I wish I can post pictures to show everyone the terrible work that was done. I hope they step in to cover my expenses. If they do, I promise I will delete this review and give them the best review for assuming responsibility. If they don't, I will sue them at a Small Claims Court and I will let you all know the outcome of it. BTW, the new tattoo removal artist, blown away by the low quality of Legendary Tattoo work, offered to be my witness in court by presenting his professional testimony. I'll keep you all posted. Respectfully.