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Legendary Tattoos
Tarpon Springs, FL

  • Cost: 250 USD
  • Time: 3 sessions and it is not finished. It is ruined

I just walked out of Legendary Tattoo. I am a concert pianist. I am on stage all year long. Claudia, the owner's mother tattooed my eye brows and she literally ruined my face. (See my picture.) She referred me to a tattoo removal artist and when I asked her how is she going to work out payment to remove it, she said to have the tattoo removal artist call her, meaning she would take care of it. I went. The fixing of my eye brows will cost me $750 and she finally confirmed she is not going to pay for nothing. I am texting and e-mailing the owner of Legendary Tattoo, Mitch, and he is ignoring my messages. I wish I can post pictures to show everyone the terrible work that was done. I hope they step in to cover my expenses. If they do, I promise I will delete this review and give them the best review for assuming responsibility. If they don't, I will sue them at a Small Claims Court and I will let you all know the outcome of it. BTW, the new tattoo removal artist, blown away by the low quality of Legendary Tattoo work, offered to be my witness in court by presenting his professional testimony. I'll keep you all posted. Respectfully.

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