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I have some friends who have had work done by Mez before (several pieces), so I've been admiring her work for a few years now. When my hero, Davis Bowie, passed away early this year, I knew my first-ever tattoo would be Bowie related, and I knew I wanted Mez to do it. Mine is the Blackstar/Aladdin Sane bolt you see here. Mez made my first tattoo a very easy, satisfying and special experience, and already in can't wait for my next piece. In the meantime, one of my best friends had discovered Mez's work through my "likes" and such on Facebook, and also felt compelled to get a Bowie piece (adding to the several she already has), and it is her arm you see here with mine, sporting the awesome black and gray portrait. I'll let my friend leave her own review, but I know she loves the work and loves Mez as much as I do! Mez is an incredible artist and an awesome person and I can't recommend her enough!