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  • Cost: 10 USD
  • Time: N/A is one of the leading blogs that discusses creativity tips for writers, teachers, entrepreneurs, homemakers, psychologists, artists of all kinds, health professionals, scientists and people of all ages and professions. For more information, visit and

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Duke Hastings

(1 review)
Black Hive Ink And Arts
Fayetteville, NC

Based in Fayetteville in North Carolina, Black Hive Ink and Arts has been providing premium tattoo services for over 30 years. Our highly talented and experienced tattoo artists regularly enhance their skills by training at national and international tattoo workshops with other noteworthy artists. We offer a range of outstanding tattoo art that is guaranteed to make heads turn. Not only that, but we also customize each art piece to give our clients a unique, unforgettable, and beautiful body art. Along with black and grey tattoo designs, we also offer colored tattoos. You can choose traditional tattoo designs and minimalistic tattoos. We also offer blackwork tattoos, realism tattoos, and portrait tattoos. From intricate Celtic designs to decorative figures to realistic human and animal portraits, we can do it all. Visit our website and browse through our sample tattoo designs to get an idea of the refined and high-quality artwork we can produce. Furthermore, we offer guidance on how to care properly for your tattoo. That includes how to care for the wound to keep it clean, prevent scab formation, and facilitate healing. We recommend staying out of the sun as much as possible afterward since prolonged exposure to the sun can cause your tattoo to fade over time. For more information about our tattoo designs and services, please visit and

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Ryan Methric

(1 review)
Chroma Tattoo
West Bloomfield, MI

  • Cost: 150 USD
  • Time: Depends on piece/size/location

I have been getting tattooed by Ryan for about 5 years. He takes his time ensuring each piece is unique and tailored to what the client wants, while at the same time providing insight on what will make a strong and clean finished tattoo. He is incredibly humble, down to earth, and easy to work with. Ryan works to make the tattoo process as comfortable as possible and holds himself to an incredible standard to give you a tattoo that you can wear proudly. Anyone interested in his work will greatly appreciate and enjoy working with him.

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Billy Jack Gunter

(1 review)

  • Cost: 40 USD
  • Time: About 30 minutes

Billyjack is awesomeness! Very professional and extremely clean shop. Great atmosphere and all around the best Artist! Go see Billyjack, you will not be disappointed!!!!

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Robert Striker

(1 review)
Lucky's Charm Tattoo INC.
Chesterton, IN

  • Cost: 350 USD
  • Time: 5 hours

Just, horrible! The guy is not an artist, he's a butcher, don't go to him, run the other way, karmas gonna come around, he tats in a dark dingy basement, his parents home, he lives in the basement, he works there, bc he's been fired from numerous shops, found all this out after the fact, I don't know how he lives with himself, knowing he's not capable of tatting, saying he can, and leaving a person scarred for life, Truly a deplorable person

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(1 review)

  • Cost: 2,410 USD
  • Time: 4 Sessions

Sam is an amazingly gifted artist. Yes, there are more amazingly gifted artists to choose from...however, he is also a genuine soul, who exhibited patience, care and professionalism. He has a high bar for his craft, yet, never loses sight of delivering what you want...two thumbs up!

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Mr. Tattoo

(1 review)
Old School Tattoo Co.
Sturgis, SD

  • Cost: 600 USD
  • Time: A little over 4 hrs

Got my 1st tattoo from Mr. Tattoo last year at Sturgis. Totally LOVED it had to come back aging to the Sturgis Bike Rally and had to have Mr. Tattoo give me another much larger one. He's so awesome. Didn't bleed, he has such a great professional attitude.

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Shannon Terry

(2 reviews)

  • Cost: 150 USD
  • Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Shannon Terry, owner of Unkut Productions, did an amazing job! He gave me a tattoo in a style that I wanted and he didn't try to push me in any other direction. He is the epitome of what a professional tattoo artist should be. STOP BY AND AT LEAST LOOK AT HIS PORTFOLIO. I HIGHLY recommend Shannon Terry at Unkut Productions for your next tattoo.