About InkArtists

InkArtists is a unique website concept that aims to empower tattoo artists to promote their work, promote the tattoo shops where they work, and attract new clients that find them at their place of business and ask for them by name.

Here are some of the key features of InkArtists:

Local search tool focused on tattoo artists, not tattoo shops

We created a directory centered around tattoo artists, rather than tattoo shops like you find in traditional business directories. With InkArtists, people looking for a tattoo artist in their local area can find a list of artists, sorted by distance from their location, and easily view photos of their recent work.

Resource for tattoo artists to share and promote tattoo work

Tattoo artists on InkArtists have their very own profile page, which can be accessed not only from the website but also directly from search engines. A key feature of this page is a tattoo portfolio which can easily be updated by the tattoo artist or their clients. Artists can seamlessly add photos to their InkArtists profile when they post their work to Instagram. Their clients can also take their own photos of an artist's work and post it to their profile along with a review and rating.

Wordwide database of tattoos sourced by both the artists and their clients

The goal of InkArtists is to be the biggest searchable database of tattoo work in the world. All of the tattoo photos added to our artists' portfolio are collected and stored along with searchable descriptive tags. As this feature continues to grow, it will be the go-to resource for artists and tattoo enthusiasts looking for the best examples of finished tattoo work.